Most parents can’t be with their children every second of their young lives, and they often have to trust others to keep their children safe away from home. If an under-aged child suffers a serious trip, slip, or fall while out of sight or on someone else’s property, it can leave parents with a lot of pressing questions about their legal rights. However, despite the panic you may feel, rest assured that it may be possible to hold a careless property owner responsible, even if you weren’t present to witness your child’s fall.

A Child’s Unwitnessed Fall Can Create Difficulties for Parents Negotiating Injury Claims

The insurance companies that handle personal injury claims for falls often manipulate statements and documentation in order to reduce how much they must pay a victim, no matter how legitimate their claims may be. When your child is at the center of a struggle for fair payment against a large insurance company and individual or commercial property owners, protecting your family from these kinds of tricks and tactics can be difficult, especially if you weren’t there to really see what happened. This is a big part of the reason why it’s so important for parents to at least consult with an attorney about their rights and the evidence they may need to successfully negotiate with the insurance company.

If you have questions about your legal rights after a child suffers a serious injury, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced San Bernardino personal injury team for guidance. We have helped parents, families, and individuals across Southern California get the legal help they need to hold property owners responsible for their carelessness, and we hope to help your family, too. For free and confidential information, simply call us today or fill out the convenient contact form on this page.


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