Our 74-year-old client was shopping at a local home improvement store one day in Riverside, California, when he got more than he was looking for. In the aisle where he was searching for a product, a clear strap hung off a pallet—our client slipped and fell on it and was hurt when he fell on the hard concrete floor.

Our Client Suffered Long-Term Injuries

The fall caused our client to suffer soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulder, back, and knee. He has had to undergo multiple medical treatments, such as physical therapy, and take medications to manage the pain. Unfortunately, his injuries are severe enough that they have not completely healed even with aggressive medical treatments. Our client will need long-term medical care and medications to treat the injuries and help him deal with the chronic pain. In addition, he must cope with the limitations in his day-to-day activities that his injuries have caused him.

Steinberg Injury Lawyers Fought Hard to Obtain the Needed Compensation

One of the challenges Peter Steinberg faced in resolving our client’s case was proving the home improvement store’s liability. Its insurance company insisted that our client was comparatively negligent in causing his fall. The insurance company’s initial offers did not even fully compensate our client for his medical expenses to that date.

Understanding that his client’s case was worth substantially more than what was being offered, Mr. Steinberg filed a lawsuit against the home improvement store. When this did not result in a fair settlement, he aggressively litigated the case. The legal team at Steinberg Injury Lawyers deposed witnesses, obtained a medical expert witness who could document the long-term medical consequences of our client’s injuries, and otherwise investigated the case to prove the store’s liability and the seriousness of our client’s injuries. It was only after our client’s case went to mediation a second time that Mr. Steinberg convinced the insurance company to be reasonable. The insurance company ultimately agreed to pay our client $50,000—a fair amount given the injuries he suffered and the disputed issues in the case.

While the settlement will not reverse the soft tissue injuries caused by the fall, it has provided our client with compensation for his medical bills. It has also provided compensation for the emotional trauma he has suffered from his fall and the long-term injuries he must live with.

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