Slip and fall accidents are extremely dangerous, and can result in the victim suffering from severe injuries that may take years to recover from. Due to the injuries, victims may also suffer from financial hardship as well.

There are many places where a slip and fall accident may take place, including the outlets, a grocery store, or even schools; however, one of the common places for a slip and fall to happen is in a restroom. Most commercial businesses maintain a restroom for their customers to use. While this is pleasant for those who are shopping, dining in a restaurant, or visiting the attraction, it is important that the owner or manager provide a safe bathroom for customers to use.

Failing to provide a safe bathroom may result in a slip and fall accident. You may sustain a slip and fall accident in a restroom in a number of ways; the most common include:

  • Leaks. There are many pipes and faucets in a bathroom that can become damaged. Damaged pipes or faucets can leak, causing the floor of the bathroom to become wet. As the large majority of bathroom floors are tile they become very slippery when wet. A victim may slip on the wet surface caused by the leak.
  • Overflow. A toilet or sink in a bathroom may become clogged. As the water flows or the toilet is flushed, the water level may get too high and overflow onto the floor, making it slippery.
  • Broken tile. Wear and tear on the tile floor that is caused by heavy use can cause the tiles on the floor to lift or break off. Broken or damaged tiles on the floor makes a tripping hazard for those using the bathroom.

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