Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe FACT:  Distracted Driving is the number one killer of American teens.

FACT:  Drivers using mobile phones are more impaired than drivers at .08 Blood Alcohol Level.

Alcohol related accidents among teens have dropped, but teenage traffic fatalities remain unchanged because distracted driving is on the rise.

These are pretty grim facts, but the good news is that when teens are asked what the number one thing is that influences their attitude toward driving...the answer is THEIR PARENTS. 

Distracted driving can result from:
- Talking on a cell phone
- Texting
- Talking to passengers
-  Eating
-  Any action that takes attention from the act of driving


Our Parent Guide gives many helpful tips on how to most effectively talk to you teen about the dangers of distracted driving.  Included in the report is a PARENT/TEEN DRIVING CONTRACT.  This contract was designed for new drivers and their parents to fill out together.  The contract outlines agreed upon conditions of driving and the consequenses if the contract is broken.

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