7 BIGGEST MISTAKES That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case
WARNING: If You've Been Injured in an Accident in California, it's Absolutely Critical That You Read This FREE, No-Obligation Consumer Guide Before You Hire a Lawyer, Speak to an Insurance Adjuster or Sign Any Paperwork.

The bottom line is that your rights may be in jeopardy.  Find out what you are up against and what steps you need to take in the 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case.

This information-packed guide lays out your options, exposes the dirty tricks used by the insurance industry and shows you how to avoid the critical mistakes that can ruin your injury claim.
After an accident, people often make the mistake of thinking that the insurance companies are on their side and that they have their best interests at heart.  After all, that's what all of the insurance company television commercials say, right?  Unfortunately, the real story is much different.

In the real world, insurance companies are focused on maximizing their profits and protecting their own interests.    If you've had an accident, rest assured that the insurance companies will do everything they can to delay, undermine or deny your claim.   Their only goal is to pay out as little as possible for each claim they are facing.

It's important to get the information you need to help level the playing field.  In this easy-to-understand consumer guide, attorney Peter M. Steinberg:

  • Explains the common myths about personal injury cases.
  • Describes what constitutes a personal injury case and what you'll have to prove to win your case.
  • Exposes the dirty tricks that insurance companies use every day against injury victims to avoid paying claims.
  • Helps you understand what you should know before hiring an attorney and how to go about finding the right attorney for your case (should you decide that you even need an attorney).
  • Outlines what an experienced attorney will do for you and how the legal process works in a personal injury case.
  • Uncovers the seven critical mistakes that can ruin your case.

This consumer guide normally retails for $14.95, but the law firm of Steinberg is making it available for FREE for a limited time to California accident victims who request it.

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