I slipped and fell on a side walk in Los Angeles.  I broke my ankle and I knew someone had to be responsible.  I got a referral to a personal injury from a friend.  I had a consultation but they did not want to take my case because it would be a "tough" case!  I was determined to find an attorney who could handle my "tough" case.  I found another attorney on the internet who supposedly had a great track record, but after a brief phone call, they also said that slip and fall cases are too hard to win!  I was telling my friend my story and he told me to call Steinberg.  He had a great result after his car accident.  So, I called.  They were great.  They took my case and even sent someone to my house to sign me up.  

So, they took my "tough" case and proved if you know what you are doing it was not so tough!  I got a six figure settlement in less than one year!  

Call them! NOW!  If you want an aggressive firm who isn't afraid of the tough cases, Steinberg is the right choice.


Darlene F. - Los Angeles, CA