You may have seen one of those signs declaring, “we assume no responsibility for the loss of your items!” while entering a parking structure. But can that sign also prevent you from taking action against the owner of a parking lot, garage, structure, or other vehicle storage facility?

Parking facilities (and their owners) are subject to the same premises liability laws as other property types—and for good reason. Accidents in multi-level structures—such as falling and breaking through a defective barrier—can cause a victim to break several bones, sustain a serious head injury, or even fall to his death.

Here are a just a few factors that have led to slip and fall accidents in Riverside parking garages:

  • Poor construction: cracks in the concrete or protruding rebar
  • Design defects: low ceilings or structure collapse during a minor earthquake
  • Negligent maintenance: slippery steps, missing handrails, elevator issues, broken curbs, oily surfaces, broken safety barriers, etc.
  • Security problems: missing or burnt-out lights or failure of security to respond after a fall
  • On-site objects or structures: public art displays, overgrown hedges, a truck with a ladder hanging off the back

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Accident Costs?

The first step in determining who is responsible for a slip and fall accident is finding out the exact cause of the trip or slip. If the garage owner knew about a potential defect (such as steps in stairwells that are not properly level) but did not correct them, he or she may be held liable. However, if the accident occurred due to another object that happened to be in the structure (such as construction tape or cones), a third-party may be liable for your medical bills and lost income.

You should always consult with an attorney to make sure the facts are on your side in your premises liability lawsuit. Order our free guide, 7 BIGGEST MISTAKES That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case, or click the contact link on this page to find our office location nearest to you.


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