Like many other bicycle riders, you may be concerned with your safety while trying to compete with vehicles and trucks on the road. While Ventura Boulevard in Old Town Camarillo is pedestrian friendly, sharing the roads with cars is another concern. Often, other vehicles become a danger to cyclists, due to the fact that vehicles are not watching for them. Because of this, a cyclist can try to make himself more easily seen.

One great way for a bicyclist to become more visible to a driver of a passenger vehicle is to use reflective products. This is very useful in low-light situations, because car headlights will reflect and allow the driver to see the bicycle.

If you are looking for reflective products to use while cycling, consider these:

  • Vest. A vest is a great option for bicyclist, as it is lightweight and covers a large surface area. Vests are typically made of a mesh material that allows airflow to keep the bicyclist cool while riding.
  • Decals. A good quality decal will be made from an engineering-grade reflective film that contains glass beads to reflect light. They can be designed in many colors and shapes to match your style.
  • Tires. Reflective tires used to be obsolete, but have recently began to become more popular. A reflective surface is applied to the sidewall of the tire, allowing the cyclist to become much more visible to vehicles on the road.

Although you may take steps to promote your safety while on your bicycle in Camarillo, you cannot always predict how drivers of passenger vehicles will behave. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your legal options simply fill out the contact form on this page.

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