A wrecked motorcycle on the street after a collision with a vehicle.

Thousands of motorcyclists are seriously injured and killed every year, resulting in considerable physical, mental, and financial harm to them and their loved ones. If you find yourself in such a position, you need the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to guide you through your legal rights and options.

It can be tempting to forego an attorney’s advice and representation after a motorcycle wreck, especially if you receive a settlement offer. But having an attorney by your side can do even more than just help you reach a positive resolution while you focus on your recovery. Your lawyer can also advise you when an offer is too good to pass up and when you should continue negotiating a resolution to your motorcycle claim.

Steps Taken by a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in an Injury Case

You may wonder, “How can an attorney provide so much benefit to me, especially in a case where the other party is interested in settling?” This is precisely because a lawyer will undertake several tasks on your behalf that are directed toward safeguarding your rights and protecting your interests. These tasks include the following:

Determining Who Is at Fault

It is unusual for someone or their insurance company to offer to pay you a settlement if they do not believe they are responsible for the crash. However, it is not unusual for some initial questioning whose negligent actions caused the wreck.

If you have been hurt, but no other party is stepping up to claim responsibility, you can turn to your motorcycle accident lawyer. They will uncover who should pay for your injuries.

Gathering Evidence of Your Injuries

A motorcycle wreck can cause financial harm beyond medical bills and hospital stays. Outside of the expenses for your injuries, you might incur costs that are associated with the following elements: 

  • Physical or occupational therapy 
  • Additional surgeries or medical treatment 
  • Counseling services 
  • Property damage 

Your ability to earn a living may also be impacted by your accident, especially if you have suffered severe or permanent injuries.

Whether your case is resolved by a verdict at trial or an out-of-court settlement, your California motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand the true impact of your injury accident. Knowing this information enables you to make a more informed decision about whether you should accept a particular settlement or continue to insist on additional compensation.

File an Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

Even where you are clearly entitled to damages for your injuries, preparing a lawsuit or an insurance claim and timely filing can be a confusing and even intimidating process.

However, your motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to prepare and file a claim and a lawsuit, and they will help you advance both toward a resolution.

Why Trust Steinberg Injury Lawyers with Your Motorcycle Accident Case

With years of experience successfully resolving motorcycle accident cases for our clients, Steinberg Injury Lawyers is proud to be able to help you and other injured motorcyclists in their hour of need. Let us show you the value we can add to your case and recovery by scheduling a free initial consultation today.

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