Many Southern California residents are turning to bicycles as their source of transportation. Riding a bicycle is a great way to commute. It saves on gas and keeps the rider in great shape. As these riders take to the roadways, they must keep in mind that there are passenger vehicles that may be dangerous to them.

Unfortunately, passenger vehicle drivers often pay little attention and give little respect to those who are on a bicycle. Bicycle accidents in Los Angeles are often caused by these negligent drivers. Sadly, because bicycles offer little protection against a vehicle, the injuries sustained in a bicycle accident can be very severe. Many times these injuries can cause the victim to sustain long term complications.

Some of the common causes for a vehicle to cause a bicycle accident to occur are:

  • Dangerous turning – Drivers are often impatient when it comes to bicycle riders. This can cause a problem when the vehicle is attempting to make a turn. The vehicle which is turning often winds up cutting off the path of the bicyclist, knocks them over or collides with them.
  • Passing – When a driver is making a pass, it is not uncommon that they do not leave enough space. This can lead to the bicyclist to be forced off the road or directly striking the bicyclist.
  • Bike path neglect – Many roadways in Los Angeles offer bike paths for their cyclists. The space that a bike path provides for a cyclist is often violated by passenger vehicle drivers. This can create a great danger for those who are riding in the bike path.
  • Car door – After parking a motorist opens their door which may be in the path of an oncoming bicyclist.

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