A broken bicycle in the middle of the street after a cyclist was involved in an accident with a moving vehicle.

There are several reasons why a driver who causes an accident may choose to leave the crash scene. While a few may genuinely not be aware that they struck another person or vehicle, most who do drive off after an accident do so to avoid liability. They believe — if they can never be identified — they do not have to suffer the consequences of causing injuries to others.

Unfortunately, a driver who wants to avoid responsibility for causing injuries to others may have an even greater incentive to run from a bicycle accident than a minor fender-bender with another vehicle, as cyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries in collisions than motor vehicle occupants.

Where Bicyclists Hurt in Hit-and-Run Accidents Get Compensation

While the driver who struck you may be legally responsible for your damages, you will not see any compensation from that person until they are identified and located, and even then, they may not have any insurance or assets to cover your claims. You would still need some other source of compensation to help you pay for any medical treatment you received or time from work you missed.

When a negligent hit-and-run driver hurts you while riding your bicycle, the best course of action to begin receiving payments for your medical bills is to open a claim with your personal health insurance provider. Your provider should pay your claim without needing to determine whether you or the other driver was at fault. 

Furthermore, filing a claim with your own insurance provider can spur the company to assist in trying to locate the driver who fled the accident scene. Insurance companies do not like paying claims they are not contractually and legally able to avoid, and when they must pay a claim, they will want to recover as much of the amount they pay out to their clients as possible.

As a result, your insurance company might employ some of its resources toward investigating your crash and attempting to locate the responsible driver, and should they be located, the outcome benefits both you and your insurer. 

For one, your insurer will recover the claim amount paid to you. Alongside that, you could then pursue the at-fault driver for any out-of-pocket expenses you paid that were not reimbursed with the help of your bike accident lawyer.

Hire an Experienced Bike Accident Lawyer in California

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of being hurt in a bike accident, contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers for help taking the next steps toward recovery. Our team of experienced California bike accident lawyers can help you file your claim for benefits with the appropriate insurance company. We can also work with your insurer to locate the at-fault driver and bring suit against that person when they are located.

You can learn more about how Steinberg Injury Lawyers can assist you through these difficult times by scheduling a consultation with us today.

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