Many drivers are so used to the hustle and bustle of city driving that they tend to let their guard down once they enter rural roads. It is not hard to drive faster than one intends or to pay more attention to the natural scenery than the road.

However, this can be a recipe for disaster for motorcycle riders. Extra caution should always be taken by motorcyclists when they go out of the city limits in order to avoid a potentially fatal Riverside, California motorcycle accident. Since it can take emergency vehicles longer to get to you if you are injured miles outside of the city, it is especially important to avoid such accidents.
Some of the most common motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, while trying to negotiate a bend in the road, or after a rider loses control of his or her motorcycle.

The Southern California motorcycle accident injury lawyers at Steinberg have some advice for motorcyclists on trying to avoid accidents at country road intersections.

Intersections in rural areas are not always marked with a clear stop light. They often have stop signs or blinking red or yellow lights. This is why it is important to always start slowing down early before reaching an intersection, especially during inclement weather. Recent rain can cause the oil on the roads to be slick, and the dampness can mask these slippery areas on the pavement. Slowing down early can prevent your bike from sliding into the intersection.

Always wait a few extra seconds before proceeding through the crossing. It is not uncommon for drivers to slow at the intersection and then keep going, which could mean devastation for a rider if the driver doesn't see the motorcyclist. Try to make eye contact with all other drivers in the intersection so they are aware of when it is your turn to proceed. Waving ahead other drivers and waiting to proceed last is another way to ensure that you won't be hit.

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