We’ve discussed before the obstacles and challenges motorcyclists face when they go to court for their crashes. Even when they are innocent, they are still often perceived as the guilty party just because of inaccurate preconceived notions. Juries can be swayed by attorneys into thinking that bikers are thugs and are always in the wrong, and an innocent biker can lose his case as a result.

What You’ll Need to Win Your Case

Winning a motorcycle case is often challenging, but not impossible. When you do what you should do following an accident and you have the help you need, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve. Here, we look at the key components needed to get a win.

  • Evidence. You’ll need a lot of evidence to win your case, and it has to be solid and convincing. In fact, there should be so much that the jury can’t help but decide you’re innocent because of overwhelming proof. The type of evidence that juries love include tire tracks, witness and police testimony, photographs of the accident scene, and complete medical records. This evidence could be exactly what helps you win your case.
  • Discretion. In this day and age, many folks take to social media to discuss everything, including how they feel, what they think, and where they are going. Discussing your accident or your condition with anyone—either in person or on the Internet—is potentially damaging to your case. Even something minor can be misconstrued and turned against you. Unfortunately, not even family members can be trusted all of the time, so it’s best to keep the details of your situation to yourself.

Having an Experienced Lawyer Is Just as Important

Do you know how to collect evidence from a crash site in such a way that it shows your innocence? Do you know how to talk to a jury and present your case in a compelling way? An experienced attorney does and is your best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. The Steinberg Injury Lawyers have helped many motorcycle accident victims in Los Angeles receive the help they needed to pay for their medical bills, time lost from work, and vehicle repairs. We would like to help you, too.