There are lots of reasons you might want to turn to a local attorney after you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident on vacation in Santa Monica, but here are the top three:

  • Intimate knowledge of the area. When you speak to a Santa Monica attorney about your accident, he or she will know exactly what you’re talking about and where it happened—in some cases, he or she may have even experienced similar dangerous conditions while driving to work or heading out for a weekend retreat. When handling your case, this little bit of extra hands-on knowledge of the area can be extremely valuable.
  • Intimate knowledge of the local legal process. Laws and procedures can vary by state, but these differences from your home state don’t have to mean complications in your case. An attorney who is familiar with the state, city, and regional legal environment can be a huge benefit after you’ve been hurt away from home.
  • Arrival on the scene. Maybe one of the biggest benefits of reaching out to a local attorney is how quickly they can physically go to the scene of your motorcycle accident and start collecting evidence to support your claim and document what happened. 

Taking Steps to Prepare for the Ride Will Help You Avoid Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

As you start planning your motorcycle trip in Santa Monica, make sure that you are planning to take enough time for the ride, maintain your bike beforehand, and carry appropriate gear for the conditions. You might also consider bringing a smartphone with a camera and GPS, which will come in handy for documenting an accident if something does go wrong. And, just in case, don’t forget to pack a copy of our free book, 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid After a Motorcycle or Bicycle Accident, which walks victims through exactly what to do if they are hurt and how to get help.


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