Slipping and falling can be scary. You could break a bone, twist your ankle, or worse, fracture your hip. Depending on your hip injuries, you could face weeks in the hospital and then a month or more in a rehabilitation center before you can even come home.

Whether You’ll Need Surgery Depends on the Severity of Your Injuries

Your hips are one of the parts of your body most vulnerable to injury when you slip, trip, or fall. They are one of the widest parts of your body so they tend to take the brunt of the impact when you fall.

What type of medical care you’ll need will depend on the severity of the damage to your hip. The following are common treatments you might need:

  • Strains, sprains, and minor fractures. These may heal over time without surgery. However, you’ll probably need lots of rest, ice on the injured part of your hip and medication to reduce the pain. You may also need physical therapy.
  • Dislocation. This must be treated immediately so that the hip is realigned and will most likely require surgery. This injury could also cause strains, sprains, and tears in the ligaments and muscles surrounding the hip bones, so you could also need rest, ice, and medication.
  • More serious tears and hip fractures. These will require surgery to repair the damage and stabilize the injured parts of your hip. With a serious hip fracture, you could need a complete hip replacement. 

If you do need surgery, you will be hospitalized and will start your physical therapy soon after your surgery is completed. You’ll also need to continue with physical therapy at a rehabilitation center or at home. It will be a lengthy process before you have the range of motion and strength in the hip area to walk without a walker and perform your everyday activities. Even with surgery and exercises for your hip, you may suffer permanent damage and experience lifelong pain.

The surgery, rehabilitation, walkers, canes, and other tools you’ll need to get around, and medication are extraordinarily expensive. It would be unjust for you, the victim of someone’s negligence, to have to pay these medical expenses and to lose your wages during your long-term recovery.

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