From the sun on your skin, the rush of air and the beautiful scenery passing by, nothing beats the joy of riding a motorcycle in California. Motorcycles are also ideal for commuters who save time and money getting around busy roads. No matter if you ride on the weekends or on a daily basis, motorcycles require maintenance. Here are some helpful maintenance tips which also keep you safer.

Check Your Fluids

Checking your oil is a top priority. You should change your oil at least once per year but more often if you ride frequently or take long trips. You should always make sure your oil is topped off and clean. Riding off-road or in the desert will require you to change your oil sooner. Keeping extra oil around your garage is a great way to make sure you cut down on costs without cutting down on safety.

Another safety-tip is to make sure your drive chain is properly lubricated. The drive chain transfers the power from your engine to the wheels. If this chain doesn’t have enough lubrication, it can be extremely dangerous for you and any passengers.

Air Pressure and Filters

Tires are important to the safe operation of your motorcycle. Always check to see the tire pressure is meeting manufacturer standards. Also, make sure your tires don’t show signs of too much wear or improper wear. Tires should wear evenly. If you notice some discrepancies, this could mean serious issues. You should take your motorcycle to the shop for service right away.

Also, check your filters. Your air filter should be cleaned routinely. You can do this with an air compressor. If you don’t clean the air filter, your engine will have to work harder, hotter and less efficiently. Keeping your filter clean ensures your bike runs smoothly and with power.

Many people forget to check their fuel filters. Don’t miss this important step as a clogged or dirty filter can wreak havoc on your bike.

Battery and Brakes

Your battery should be kept charged whenever possible. Using a trickle charger will keep your battery healthy and charged up.

Before setting out on a cross country ride or even just a ride around the block, always check your brakes. Just tapping each brake to make sure your bike stops on command is enough.

You should also routinely check your brake fluid. Your brake fluid should be clean and replaced every few years. Check your bike manual for specific time frames.

Brake pads should also be checked regularly. Your brake pads should never get worn all the way down to the metal. This is bad for your bike and unsafe for you and other people on the road.

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