Tips for Motorcyclists to Avoid Accidents

There’s no doubt that riding on a motorcycle is more dangerous, statistically speaking, than riding in a four-wheeled vehicle such as a car. However, the increased road hazards of riding are not great enough to sway bike enthusiasts away from their passion. If you are among them, then you know the thrill of the open road in a way that car drivers simply do not. At the same time, you need to know ways to best protect yourself from traffic accidents, since these accidents are far deadlier to you than to your car-driving counterparts.

Below are several of our best tips from Southern California motorcycle accident lawyers. In our profession, we see some of the worst motorcycle accident injuries. We also litigate them, which means we are intimately aware of which habits have a tendency to save riders’ lives.

Make sure car drivers can see you.

In the majority of accidents involving motorcycles, the drivers of cars never even saw the rider to begin with. Do everything possible to make it easy for drivers to see you, including using your high beams during the daytime and wearing bright protective clothing. As much as possible, try to say out of drivers’ blind spots.

Don’t engage road ragers.

Road rage exists, especially here in Southern California. Motorcycles and road rage are a deadly combination. If you even suspect that a car driver near you is angry or acting carelessly, steer yourself and your bike far away from them. And if you feel yourself coming down with a case of road rage, take some deep breaths and distance yourself and your bike from the driver causing it. Remember that they have a steel cage protecting them and you don’t!

Don’t drink and drive – ever.

It goes without saying that no one should drink then get into a car. It’s even worse to drink and get on your bike! Your risk of crashing increases exponentially when you drink alcohol even a couple of hours before riding. Stay sober and stay safe.

Be extra alert when off the freeway.

Despite the high speeds, you are actually less likely to get into a crash on the freeway than on surface streets. When you are driving on surface streets, be aware of the type of area you are in and what that means for drivers’ behavior. In shopping districts, be alert to cars that have a tendency to weave in and out of traffic trying to get ahead of the rush. When you’re in a residential area, know that the car in front of you might be looking for an address and could stop without warning or back up.

The Southern California motorcycle injury attorneys at Steinberg Injury Lawyers have decades of combined experience litigating motorcycle accidents. If you or a family member has been injured while riding, call our offices today at 1-800-350-8888 to find out how we can help

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