Posted on Oct 31, 2016

Los Angeles, CA (October 31, 2016) – In the course of morning rush hour, a semi-truck along with a Los Angeles Metrolink train collided, containing about 190 passengers traveling within the caravan at the time of the crash. Remarkably no passengers were severely injured in the accident considering the crash occurred amidst busy morning hours.

Moments after the train left the station is when the collision took place. A tractor-trailer became stuck at the crossing as the train approached, traveling from 15 to 20 miles per hour. No injuries appeared from the driver of the tractor-trailer, but 16 train passengers required medical aid.

As reported by The L.A. Times, 15 accidents have occurred at the same crossing since Metrolink began its operations in 1993. According to a Metrolink spokesperson, in the case that someone becomes stranded on the tracks, help numbers are shown posted at every railroad crossing for immediate assistance.  

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