Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Camarillo, CA (November 10, 2016) - Shortly after 5 a.m. on Thursday, a semi truck accident was reported on the 101 northbound in Camarillo.

The truck hit a guardrail, turning over onto its right side, and eventually crashing into a concrete wall. In its final resting position, the cab was left hanging 25 feet over a waterway. Two people were trapped inside the wreckage, one of whom was entangled within the truck. Firefighters were able to extract the male from the vehicle using power tools.

A firefighter used a safety harness and climbed over the truck to reach the other trapped male. The two people pulled from the wreckage were identified as a 22 year old from Los Angeles and a 39 year old from Anaheim. Both were transported to a local hospital.

The accident caused the two right lanes of the northbound 101 to be blocked. Reports indicated that these two lanes would be closed until around noon on Thursday.

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