Posted on Nov 08, 2016

LA PUENTE, CA. (November 6, 2016) -- Authorities report multiple persons with injuries in a three vehicle accident, early Sunday morning that broke a fire hydrant in La Puente, authorities said.

The collision involving a minivan, a semi-trailer truck, and an unknown additional vehicle was reported at 1:19 a.m. between 5th avenue and 6th avenue on Proctor Avenue, leading to a response from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. A fire hydrant was sheared, resulting in a flooded street and water geyser at the location.

It is unknown how many people involved were injured, though the injured were transported to a local hospital according to a spokesperson from a fire department.

The injured patients were transported to a hospital in unknown condition, a fire department spokesperson said. The cause of the collision is currently unknown and being investigated.

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