With the rising cost of fuel in California, many people in Santa Monica are taking to bicycles to help decrease their dependency on gasoline and increase their fitness levels. With this increase in the number of bicyclists hitting the streets, there are many safety concerns that need to be addressed.

Alcohol Impairs Cyclists Too
In 2008, 716 bicyclists were killed in accidents on United States roads, some of which were entirely avoidable. Almost one fourth of the 716 cyclists killed were drunk or had a blood alcohol level above .08. This speaks to the notion that drunk driving is drunk driving no matter the vehicle that is chosen to be operated. If you decide to ride while intoxicated you are multiplying your risk of a Santa Monica bicycle accident and gambling with your life.

Lack of Helmets Causes Head Injuries
Another frightening statistic is that of the 716 cyclist fatalities recorded in 2008, only 8 percent were wearing a helmet at the time of death, which means 92 percent of those who were killed in bicycle collisions were not wearing helmets. Based on statistics and common sense, it is easy to see how a helmet can drastically increase your survivability in the event you are in a cycling accident.  Making a solid habit of wearing your helmet and encouraging your friends and associates to do the same is a great first step to helping those around you.

Of all of the sports in 2004, bicycle riders suffered the greatest amount of head injuries at 151,024, which is twice as much as the next greatest one on the list - baseball, at 63,234.  It is estimated that roughly 10,769 of the reported head injuries were serious enough to require hospitalization.

The lack of helmet use is especially rampant in youth, which is incredibly dangerous due to the fact that many children and young teens use a bicycle as their primary form of transportation. In 2004, 265,554 youth between the ages of 5-14 were treated in emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries, which was the highest of any age demographic recorded.

These frightening figures are crucial to educating parents and children alike about the inherent dangers of riding a bicycle. After these dangers are identified, then through education and the use of safety equipment the risk of injury can be averted.

Compensation for Southern California Bicycle Accidents
If you have been hurt in a Southern California bicycle accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. To find out if you have a case worth pursuing or if you need assistance with obtaining a fair settlement from an insurance company, contact an experienced Santa Monica bicycle accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers at (800) 989-6385.

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