Becoming paralyzed is one of the biggest fears that people have.  Paralysis can change everything about your life and impacts those around you.  For motorcycle riders, the risk of a severe injury is great in a motorcycle accident, such partial or complete paralysis.  California motorcycle accident victims have been known to suffer from a type of paralysis called quadriplegia. 

Quadriplegia is most commonly caused by a spinal cord injury that occurred during a high-impact accident, such as a motorcycle or car accident.  This condition occurs when the neck area of the spinal cord is injured.  The brain and spinal cord are the main parts of the central nervous system, which sends messages throughout the body.  When the spinal cord becomes damaged, the brain cannot properly communicate, causing sensation and movement to be impaired.  

When a person suffers from quadriplegia following a Southern California motorcycle accident, it generally means that the arms and legs are paralyzed.  Someone who has complete quadriplegia may not be able to move any part of the body below the neck.  Patients who still have the ability to move their arms, often cannot control their hand movements, making it nearly impossible to grasp objects or make other motions.  In severe cases, breathing is also affected.

There are many complications associated with quadriplegia resulting from a motorcycle accident.  For example, patients may lose control of their bladder or bowel function.  Pressure sores are a major concern, as these life-threatening sores can develop from immobility.

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