Less people died in car accidents in 2008 than the previous year.  Some experts contribute this decline to the slow economy, as fewer people are traveling and many people are trying to conserve gas to lower fuel costs.  The number of deaths in traffic accidents decreased by an impressive 10 percent, which is the lowest since 1975.  What doesn’t make sense though, is that motorcycle deaths reached a record high in 2008.

According to the latest statistics, 5,091 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents across the country in 2008.  This number accounted for 14 percent of all traffic related deaths.  Since 1997, motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled.  Half of the motorcyclists killed last year were 40 years or older.

There is no question that motorcycle riders face greater risks than people riding in automobiles.  A motorcyclist has very little to protect himself or herself when involved in a motorcycle accident.  Even though wearing a motorcycle helmet significantly decreases the odds of sustaining a fatal injury, numerous crashes still result in death.  

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence by the other driver.  For example, motorists often fail to give motorcycle riders adequate space on the road.  Motorists also frequently do not see motorcycles and may turn in front of a motorcyclist, causing a serious motorcycle accident.  Lane sharing is allowed in California, which can also lead to a catastrophic motorcycle crash.

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