It’s a known fact that Southern California has some of the best weather in the world. This means that, as the weather starts to cool down, the number of people traveling the Los Angeles streets on foot stays about the same.

When on foot, you are always at risk of being seriously injured in a pedestrian accident. That is why we have included below seven simple tips to help you avoid being hit by a motorized vehicle.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing

It’s a lesson that we learned as kids and is something we teach our children…you should always look both ways before crossing. It’s assumed that as a pedestrian you have the right-of-way. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will be seen and not hit by an oncoming vehicle. You should always look both ways before crossing any street.

Follow all Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are there for a reason…to keep you safe. Many accidents are the result of someone not adhering to a traffic rule. When on foot, you should:

  • Always stay in the designated boundaries of the crosswalk.
  • Always avoid jaywalking.
  • Always avoid crossing when the red hand is blinking.

Walk in a Predictable Manner

Oftentimes, confusion on the part of a motorist can lead to deadly consequences. It’s important that motorists know what your intentions are when traveling on foot. You should:

  • Avoid darting onto the street.
  • Avoid crossing between cars.
  • Always walk in a straight line.

Use Crosswalks and Designated Areas

It’s tempting to cross mid-block; however, it is a dangerous practice. Many people are hit when jaywalking. Though it may be an inconvenience, you should always use intersections and designated crosswalks when crossing the street.

Use Caution When a Vehicle is Approaching

Though you may have the right-of-way in a crosswalk, you can’t count on the fact that the oncoming driver sees you. Use caution when a car is approaching. Before crossing, you should wait for the car to stop and/or for the driver to acknowledge that they see you.

Avoid Walking Distractions

Your biggest tool of protection is your eyes. Walking distractions can divert your eyes from road dangers and lead to an accident. Common walking distractions include:

  • Electronic handheld devices such as cell phones and iPods.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Reading.

Parking Lots

Many pedestrian accidents occur in parking lots, of which Los Angeles has plenty. Adhere to the same rules when walking to and from your car at a grocery store, retail center, or office complex.

Holding the Driver Liable for Your Injuries

Even if you follow all of these safety tips, you still run the risk of being victimized by another person’s carelessness. The team at Steinberg Injury Lawyers can help you hold the responsible driver liable for your damages and get you the compensation you deserve.

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