When there is a serious Southern California motorcycle accident, it is almost always the motorcyclist who suffers the worst injuries.  While protective gear and a helmet can reduce the risk of catastrophic injuries, if a car hits a motorcycle at a high speed, the outcome is generally extremely devastating.  Motorcyclists often sustain major, life-changing injuries, ranging from brain trauma to paralysis.

Paraplegia is a form of paralysis that may result from a motorcycle crash.  It is defined as the loss of movement and sensation in the legs and often the stomach and lower back area.  This type of paralysis is typically caused by a spinal cord injury and it has been estimated that nearly 11,000 people have spinal cord injuries that lead to paraplegia.

Warning Signs of Paraplegia
The warning signs of paraplegia can frequently be seen right away.  For example, an accident victim may experience a loss of movement, sensation and reflexes below the area of the spinal cord injury.  Some of the other paraplegia symptoms include loss of bowel and bladder control and sexual dysfunction.

Treatment of Paraplegia
Unfortunately, paraplegia is a condition that is not treatable and the damage cannot be reversed.  At the scene of the accident, the goal is to prevent further injury.  The injured motorcyclist is usually placed on a special type of board and the focus of the medical crew is to avoid pressure on the spine or brain.

Surgery is sometimes needed following a spinal cord injury and rehabilitation is often recommended.  The doctor may prescribe medications to control muscle spasms.

Most of the treatment of paraplegia has to do with preventing additional complications, such as blood clots and constipation.  Pressure sores and low blood pressure also become concerns for people suffering from paraplegia.

Compensation for Paraplegia
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