Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle for any considerable amount of time has heard the cadence over and over again, to “always where your safety gear” from concerned friends and family. It is true that riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity that requires it’s own set of unique attire to make the motorcycle operator as safe as possible.

As with any driving activity, the ability to see what is going on around you is important, but because motorcyclists are not enclosed in a cockpit like car drivers, they are especially susceptible to eye damage. It is important to always wear some sort of eye protection when operating a motorcycle and in California it is in fact the law.

Why Wear a Full Face Helmet?
A full-face helmet with a shatterproof face shield is the safest option and should always be chosen over less protective attire, such as a half helmet or open face option.  If a full-face helmet is not worn then goggles are completely necessary, as they provide full protection to the eyes. Glasses or sunglasses are never an appropriate substitute for proper fitting goggles, because debris does not only come from the front, but it can also enter the eye from the sides where glasses do not protect.

If you are required to wear prescription glasses to drive, then the fit should be a concern when buying a new helmet. Make sure to bring the glasses that you will be wearing to ride when trying on a new helmet. It is important that the fit is correct and that wearing the glasses inside the helmet will not cause a great amount of discomfort.  If it is uncomfortable then you will be inclined to not wear them.

The Tinted Face Shield
Another concern that is somewhat unique to a Southern California motorcyclist is the use of tinted face shields to help with vision on sunny days. Since Southern California has so many beautiful riding days, motorcyclists often choose tinted shields, but it is necessary to also carry a clear shield to replace it with when the sun goes down. Also, a clear shield should be available for the obvious reason that using a tinted shield drastically diminishes the rider’s ability to see in low light conditions.

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