If you fell from your motorcycle during an accident on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica, chances are you have serious skin abrasions, or road rash, that occurred when your body slid across the pavement. To make matters worse, gravel, dirt, and other debris may be embedded in the wounds.

Motorcycle riders are often reluctant to seek medical attention after an accident. However, in this case, failing to treat a serious case of road rash can result in the injury becoming even more severe and causing long-term complications. Following are some guidelines to help you know when to seek medical attention for a road rash injury:

  • Severe pain – While many road-rash injuries can be treated at home, some are too severe. If you have an extremely painful injury, see a doctor for treatment, which may include additional wound care and prescription pain medication.
  • Infection  – An infection can be very serious if it is not properly treated. If you think your injury is infected, see your doctor right away for an evaluation. Oral antibiotics and additional wound care may be required to clear up the problem.
  • There is doubt – As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you should never second-guess yourself when it comes to your health. It is always better to get a road-rash injury checked out by a doctor than to suffer at home and chance an infection.

Just as you should not hesitate to contact a doctor, do not hesitate to contact a motorcycle accident attorney to seek compensation for your damages. To discuss your legal options, simply fill out the contact form you see on this page.

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