If you are unable to find the owner of a dog that has bitten you, it will be very difficult—if not impossible—to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other expenses related to the bite. Since the dog’s history will be unavailable without identification of the owner, you may also need to undergo additional medical care and protective measures, such as a series of rabies shots.

However, even if you aren’t able to locate the owner at the time of the bite, don’t give up hope. Here are three ways you may be able to identify a dog’s owner in Camarillo:

  • Take a picture. Most phone are equipped with cameras these days, which can come in handy if you are bitten or attacked by a stray animal. If you are unable to take a picture, make sure you write down a detailed description of the animal and what happened.
  • Speak with an attorney. An experienced attorney who is familiar with the Camarillo area may have additional avenues and suggestions for tracking down a dangerous dog or its owner after a bite.
  • Call animal control. Animal control personnel may be able to capture or retain the dog that bit you, as well as locate the owner of the animal.

If you were seriously hurt by a dog owned by someone else, our Camarillo legal team is available to help answer your questions, explain your rights, and assist you with your concerns. For more information, simply reach out to our team by phone, or fill out the convenient contact form on this page with more information about what happened and the kind of help you need.

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