Out of all the states in the U.S., California is one of the few that has strict dog liability laws. What does this means is that if you are bitten by a dog?  The California laws state that the owner is liable for costs related to your injuries, regardless of whether the dog has a previous history of biting or aggressive behavior.

If you are in a home with the owner’s permission or in a public space when bitten, then the owner is indeed liable.  This is true as long as you weren’t provoking the dog or trespassing on private property. 

If the dog was not with the owner at the time of the attack, then the individual who was keeping or handling the dog can still be found liable if they are proved acting negligent. This can be established if the handler was not doing a reasonable job of controlling the dog, and such negligence resulted in the victim’s injury.

If you’ve suffered a dog bite, here are some things you may be eligible to receive compensation for under California's strict dog liability laws:

·MEDICAL BILLS:  Those related to treatment of your dog bite injury, including re-imbursement for previous bills and payment of future ones.

·WAGE COMPENSATION:  This means you can be compensated if you had to take time off from work due to the injury, or if you had to miss work to attend doctor’s appointments.

·PERMANENT DISABILITY:   This not only includes compensation for the disability itself, but potentially for hiring someone to do tasks that you can no longer complete as a result of the injury, such as housework.

·DISFIGUREMENT:  Dog bites can leave permanent and ugly scarring as a result of the attack.


If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in the state of California, do not attempt to settle the matter on your own.  You need an attorney experienced in handing dog bite cases on your side.  Call us now for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.  The call and the consultation are free.  Make sure you get all of the compensation that you deserve.  CALL US NOW.

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