Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around Los Angeles. Many people decide to use a bicycle to commute to work, exercise, or to simply get around town. Even with a large number of bicyclists on the road, passenger vehicles still show little regard for them. Negligent vehicles are one of the main causes for injury for a bicycle rider.

The majority of accidents involving bicycles and passenger vehicles may be very difficult for the bicyclist to avoid. However, by taking some extra precautions a cyclist may be able to lower his risk of being involved in a California bicycle accident.

Three ways you can lower your risk of being hit by a vehicle while riding a bicycle are:

  • Pay attention to traffic signals – It is important to remember that as a bicyclist you need to adhere to traffic signals and signs. Be sure to come to a complete stop at stop signs and stop lights.
  • Pass a line of stopped cars with caution – It is not uncommon for a bicycle rider to come upon a line of stopped vehicles. It may be very tempting to pass these vehicles on the right. The cyclist should pass with extreme caution paying attention to the signal lights on the vehicles.
  • Ride at a safe speed – Riding a bicycle at a high rate of speed can be thrilling. It can also be dangerous. A cyclist should always maintain a rate of speed that is safe.

Riding a bike in L.A. can be dangerous, but if you follow the rules of the road, and ride defensively and smart, you can stay safe.. If you have been involved in an accident contact a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer at Steinberg to seek compensation:  800-989-6385.

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