There’s more to consider in purchasing a vehicle for a teen driver than the cost. Picking a safe vehicle is just as important to protect him as much as possible if he gets hit by another driver on a San Bernardino road.

Factors to Consider in Purchasing a Safe Vehicle for a Teen Driver

More teens die in car crashes than any other cause, so safety needs to be a major concern in deciding on the best vehicle for your teen driver. Here are some important guidelines to consider when picking a vehicle:

  • Vehicle engine power. It’s best not to get a teen a sports car or a vehicle with a powerful engine, because he may be more likely to speed. A better choice would be a vehicle with a four-cylinder engine that accelerates more slowly.
  • Vehicle size. A larger, heavier vehicle offers better protection in a crash. Pickup trucks and SUVs are not the best choice, because they have a greater risk of being involved in a rollover crash. Midsize and large sedans or small SUVs are better options and will protect a teen driver the most if another driver hits his vehicle.
  • Vehicle safety features. It is best to purchase a vehicle with electronic stability control, because this feature provides more control on slick roads and at higher speeds. Head restraints and air bags are also important safety features that help protect teens in crashes.

Parents often struggle with whether to purchase a used vehicle or a new one for their teen driver. While a used vehicle may be less expensive, it may not have the safety features critical to protect a teen driver from injury in an accident. If another driver hits your teen, he could suffer serious injuries—traumatic brain damage, spinal cord damage, fractures are just a few—so safety should be a big concern in your vehicle purchase decision.

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