Being involved in a car accident is bad enough. Being hit by a semi-truck weighing 80,000 pounds is terrifying and the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. Many semi-truck accident victims find themselves left with a totaled vehicle and permanent, disabling injuries.

The medical bills associated with an accident can quickly add up to a substantial amount. Add in the cost of lost time at work and other damages caused by the accident and you may be left overwhelmed, angry, and unsure of what to do next.

It is important to understand that you have a legal right to compensation for the damages you suffered. When filing a claim there are a number of parties that may be named in the lawsuit including:

  • The driver – The truck driver who hit your vehicle may be responsible for your damages if the accident occurred because of an error on his part.
  • The owner – Trucking companies are required to abide by federal laws that regulate every aspect of the trucking operation. For example, they are required to perform periodic maintenance on their trucks. If the accident was caused by a failure to follow current regulations, the truck owner or trucking company can be held responsible for your damages.
  • The maker – The truck manufacturer may be liable for the damages if the accident was a result of a defect in the truck or any of its parts.
  • The shipper – Many trucks carry loads containing hazardous materials, which must be handled and shipped in a specific way. Failing to do so may make the shipper liable for damages that you suffered.

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