Driving alongside a massive semi-truck can be nerve wracking. The sound of the huge tires humming down the road as the loud diesel motor roars adds to the intimidation factor.

Unfortunately, for many drivers, it does not end with simple stress and intimidation. Semi-trucks cause many accidents along I-10, and these crashes tend to be severe due to the difference in size between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle. The occupants of a 5,000-pound SUV are likely to be severely injured or even killed when an 80,000 truck hits their vehicle.

As with any other type of accident, a truck wreck can be caused by a variety of factors. Following are three of the most common:

  • Speeding – Semi-truck operators are often under a great deal of pressure to deliver their loads on time. In addition, they are only allowed to drive for a certain number of hours in a given period before they must stop and rest. As a result, truckers may speed in order to make up time. This excess speed intensifies driving mistakes and causes more serious property damage and injuries in a crash.
  • Fatigue – Fatigue is a huge problem for truck drivers, especially on long hauls. A tired driver may find it more difficult to focus on the road. In addition, fatigue reduces reaction time and impairs judgment, which increases the likelihood of a serious truck wreck.
  • Distractions – Driving a tractor-trailer takes concentration. When a truck driver takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds—to send a text, make a call, adjust the radio, or take a bite of a sandwich—a deadly accident can occur.

If you have been seriously hurt in a semi-truck accident caused by a negligent driver, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Call us today to discuss your legal options.

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