If you’re being pressured with a final settlement offer that is insufficient to cover the care you have received for your brain injury, as well as the care you’ll need in the future, contact a San Bernardino attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies on victims’ behalf. Often, the “final offer” floated by the insurance company is not set in stone, but it definitely is a sign that you will need to take action to strengthen your injury claim and give your case an edge.

Is the Insurance Company’s “Final Offer” for Your San Bernardino Brain Injury Claim Really Final?

In many cases, the so-called “final offer” from the insurance company is not the maximum amount you could recover for your claim. Instead, it’s an attempt by the insurance company to pressure you into accepting a settlement that does not work for you or fully cover the cost of your injury. As time limits approach, medical bills pile up, and negotiations drag on, insurance companies know that they can pressure vulnerable victims who do not fully understand how the insurance industry works or what their rights are after an injury.

However, instead of giving up, it may be possible to continue negotiations with the insurance company or even take them to court for what you truly deserve. While an individual may have trouble pushing for a better outcome in this situation, an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with California laws and insurance company tricks can quickly identify any problems with your claim and fight for a successful outcome.   

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