Whether you’re worried about a low-ball offer that is laughable in the face of your medical bills or running out of time to fight for a fair offer, it’s definitely worth reaching out for a legal ally before you decide to give in and accept a settlement offer. Once you’ve accepted a settlement for your brain injury, you can’t go back later to push for more—so it’s important that you make informed decisions and find out the facts about your claim before accepting or rejecting any kind of offer from the insurance company. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about settlement offers and Riverside brain injury cases.

Be Wary of Initial Settlement Offers

Insurance companies may try to hit you with an initial settlement offer before you’ve even figured out the full extent of your injuries or started to recover—sometimes even while you’re still in a hospital bed. Because brain injuries are often complex, this initial settlement offer is almost always going to be less than what your claim is truly worth—and the truth is that you can’t know how much your claim is truly worth until you’ve had a chance to talk to your doctor, understand your injuries, and learn more about your rights when negotiating with an insurance company.  

Be Wary of “Final” Settlement Offers

If you’ve been in negotiations with the insurance company for a while, you may have already refused several offers. As time limits approach, it’s likely that the insurance company will make a so-called “final offer,” and it’s often enough to frighten victims into accepting an amount that does not truly cover their needs.

Not Really Sure What Your Brain Injury Claim Is Worth?

If you aren’t sure if you should accept a settlement, it’s a big sign that you don’t understand your rights or the real worth of your claim. You need clear information and an insider’s understanding of insurance in California to make confident decisions for yourself and your family, and a skilled attorney can guide you through everything you need to know.

Our Riverside and Los Angeles legal team is here to listen to your concerns, offer support, help you find workable solutions, and defend your rights tirelessly after a brain injury has affected you and your family. Call or email our legal offices directly for immediate assistance with your questions, or connect with our team on Facebook to get to know us better before you make contact. We aim to provide personalized, full-service support for Riverside brain injury victims, and we are dedicated to helping victims take control of their legal recovery.


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