It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: being involved in a car crash while your child is in the car, particularly if he is small enough to ride in a car seat. After you ensure that he is safe, your second action is typically taking the car to the shop for repairs, but what about the car seat? Should it be replaced, or is it safe to continue to use it? And if you must purchase a new one, will your insurance cover it? For some drivers, it may.

Should You Replace Your Car Seat?

Although it may look fine, the integrity of your car seat is likely compromised after an accident, and continuing to put your child in the seat can put him in danger. Sometimes you can see the damage, such as broken pieces, but the seat may have issues that aren’t clearly visible, but can cause serious safety issues.

In general, motorists don’t have to replace car seats when the accidents are minor. Accidents are considered minor when the airbags don’t deploy, injuries haven’t occurred, the vehicles are able to drive away from the crash, and there isn’t any visible damage to the seats. However, it is always safer to simply replace the seat whenever it is involved in an accident. If you don’t have the cash for a new seat, however, how can you purchase a new one? According to a recent report by NBC News, your insurance company may cover the expenses.

Will Your Insurance Company Cover a Replacement?

Before you take on the expense of a new seat, check the fine print of your insurance policy. Some companies pay for seats when the accidents are major, some will replace them regardless of the severity of the crash. If you can’t find the information, call and speak to a representative. If the company will pay for a replacement no matter what, take advantage of the offer and get the new seat. You will feel better knowing that your little one isn’t at risk because of his seat.

The Steinberg Injury Lawyers Want to Help

Car accidents are expensive, particularly in Southern California. Between time lost from work because of injuries, medical bills, and vehicle repair, you can find yourself responsible for thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses, even when the accident isn’t your fault. The Steinberg Injury Lawyers don’t think you should be held responsible for fees that were caused by someone else and want to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation by calling 1-800-350-8888.


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