While we’re often told that we should call the insurance company as soon as possible after an accident, it isn’t always the best idea. At the scene of an accident, it’s likely that you are still shaken up or in shock, and it might be a better idea to take care of the immediate priorities and give yourself a chance to calm down first. Besides, waiting to collect yourself may keep you from making mistakes in your initial contact with the adjusters.

Other Priorities Take the Spotlight After a Serious Wreck

It is definitely important to get in touch with the insurance companies involved before too much time passes, but the first few moments after an accident should be devoted to:

  • Taking care of your medical needs or making sure no one was hurt. Medical care should always be the first priority at the scene of a wreck—everything else can wait. 
  • Getting names, addresses, plate numbers, and other important information. Memory of an accident can fade quickly, but gathering information and photos at the scene can help prove what happened and how you were injured.
  • Filing a police report. The police report provides important documentation of the accident and will be a crucial document in any related injury claims.
  • Calling an attorney who can help protect your right to a potential injury claim. Many attorneys will meet you at the scene of the accident to help protect your rights and start building your injury claim.

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