A lawyer consulting with client and answering important questions that the client has about the case. Meeting with your California motorcycle accident lawyer is the first step toward pursuing a compensation claim following an accident or wreck. These meetings are not just a formality: They are an opportunity for you to gather information about your claim, your legal rights, and the law firm you might retain to represent you.

Maximizing the time you have with your motorcycle accident lawyer involves more than simply listening to what your attorney has to say. Knowing what questions to ask will ensure you receive the information you need to make informed, well-reasoned decisions about your legal rights.

Ask: “What Is Your Experience?”

First, ask your motorcycle accident lawyer about their experience and background. Injured motorcyclists face injuries and challenges that occupants of passenger cars and commercial vehicles typically do not. Your attorney must understand the unique circumstances injured bikers face to advocate effectively for you.

Not only that, but while motorcyclists must obey the same laws that other drivers must follow, some additional special provisions apply only to motorcyclists.

An attorney who lacks experience representing motorcyclists in injury claims can easily miss these particularities and negatively affect your case and recovery.

Ask: “What Do You Think of My Case?”

When asking such a question, pay attention to your lawyer’s answer and how they answer. You will benefit from a lawyer who provides honest and direct advice, even if it may not be what you’d like to hear. Ensure your prospective attorney communicates with you in a straightforward, understandable, and respectful manner.

No lawyer can offer an airtight guarantee that your claim will be successful. Still, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who has represented other bikers in the past should be able to give you an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. If you retain this attorney to represent you, then they should continue to offer their assessment of your options and prospects throughout your case.

Ask: “What Fees Do You Charge?”

There should be no surprises when it comes to the fees and costs your attorney will charge you and when they will be due. Make sure you understand whether your attorney will charge you by the hour through a contingency fee. Your attorney should be upfront and specific about your anticipated costs and whether you will owe these fees in the case of a settlement, loss, or favorable verdict. Also, be sure that your retainer agreement matches the fee information provided by the attorney you are meeting. 

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