What Gear Should Every Motorcyclist Wear to Keep Them Safe?

Before hitting the road, it’s imperative to make sure that your motorcycle is in pristine condition, but that’s just the first step. You must also have the skills to operate it safely and the appropriate gear to protect you in the event of an accident. 

Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

Every motorcycle rider in California started as a beginner at some point. And as a beginner, one of your highest priorities should be to protect yourself in case of a motorcycle accident. Before taking your motorcycle out for a spin, you should equip yourself with these pieces of gear: 

Full-Face and Modular Helmets

The safest and most essential protective gear piece every motorcyclist should have is a helmet. Full-face helmets offer the most protection, including the face and chin. USDOT approval is the minimum safety standard for helmets, but adhering to the European ECE 22.05 standard could help you find a more protective helmet. 

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are made of a variety of materials, but the two most common are leather and textile. Leather and textile jackets each come with distinct advantages: leather jackets keep you warm and dry during the rainy wintery month, but textile jackets can be more versatile and offer better airflow. Both are tough, durable materials that can help protect you in a crash.

Motorcycle Pants

Pants explicitly designed for motorcyclists offer the most protection in a motorcycle accident. Investing in a pair with additional armor padding around your lower extremities gives you extra protection from injuries in a crash. 

Riding Boots

Riding boots are not just stylishly sleek—they also keep your feet safe and provide extra grip, which helps all motorcyclists perform better. Non-slip soles help motorcyclists maintain a grip on slippery surfaces. Seasoned riders understand the importance of protecting themselves and their passengers by picking the proper boots.


Protecting your hands from vulnerability in the event of a crash is essential for all riders. Look for gloves with extra padding, durable fabrics, and quality stitching to ensure that you’re giving your hands the best protection you can. 

What is the Most Protective Motorcycle Gear?

All of the motorcycle accessories listed above are important and help you protect yourself in the event of an accident, but which piece of equipment is the most vital? The short answer: a helmet.


Full-face helmets are a safe choice because they protect from injuries, debris, and insects. The key to maximizing your helmet protection is finding the right fit. Make sure your helmet fits snuggly and comfortably, and always buy them new. Used helmets may have been compromised in an accident. 


Regarding which fabric is best for jackets and pants, leather offers the greatest degree of protection to those riding motorcycles. Its durable material keeps your skin protected and its mobility doesn’t hamper your movements.

What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle in Hot Weather

Gloves, jackets and pants, boots, and full-face helmets also protect your skin against the sun and dehydration. During the summer months, it can be beneficial to wear a textile jacket and pants instead of leather. They typically offer lighter colors and fabrics to keep you cool and encourage airflow.

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