California is home to some of the most comprehensive bicycle laws. Millions of riders take to the road each year to transit to work, exercise, and use it as a general form of transportation. 


With that in mind, there are a few safety laws you should keep in mind when riding your bicycle on California roads. Each city has slight variations; however, we’ve provided you with ten safety laws all bicyclists should follow when riding in CA below. 


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1. Follow All Laws

California bike safety laws require you to follow the same traffic rules you would in a motor vehicle. It’s in your best interest to follow them. Otherwise, you increase your chances of severe injury or liability. 

2. Use The Crosswalk Appropriately

No, you’re not in a car or truck. However, that doesn’t mean you can stop in the middle of a crosswalk at a red light. You must give pedestrians that same amount of respect as if you were in a car. 

3. Take Heed to Pedestrians

Speaking of pedestrians, they have the same “right of way” when you are on a bike as they do when you are driving. Even if they are crossing the street outside of a crosswalk area or otherwise not paying attention, you must still yield to pedestrians. 

4. Don’t Go Against Traffic

Bicycles are easy to maneuver. However, you must go with the flow of traffic. If you need to go in the opposite direction of a one-way street for some reason, you are supposed to get off your bike and walk it in the opposite direction on the sidewalk.

5. Stay on the Right Side

Generally, bicyclists must ride in the bike lane or as close to the right side curd as safely possible. Potential exceptions to this rule can occur if you need to turn left, pass another bike rider, or are avoiding obstacles, such as road work, a fallen tree, etc. 

6. Avoid riding on Sidewalks (in most cities)

If you ask a bike accident lawyer, most California cities don’t allow bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk. It can be dangerous for pedestrians and, therefore, generally not allowed. You should know your city’s bike laws before you get on two wheels.  

7. If Under 18, Wear a Helmet 

While it’s advisable for all riders to wear a helmet, the law requires cyclists under 18 to wear one. There are no exceptions to this law. 

8. Keep One Ear Open 

We all love to take a nice ride while listening to our favorite music. However, for safety reasons, CA laws require you to leave one ear open while riding.  

9. Ride an Appropriately Sized Bike

An appropriately sized bike entails one that you can support yourself with one foot on the ground while on your bike. Otherwise, you don’t have control, and it’s unlawful. 

10. Adhere to all Equipment Requirements 

It can be difficult for other cars to see you, especially at night. Visibility is not only necessary for your safety, but it’s required by law. Ensure your bicycle is equipped with the appropriate lights and reflectors. 

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