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California is a beautiful place to drive. Its scenic vistas, beautiful landscapes, and impeccable weather make it an ideal place to ride a motorcycle. However, its crumbling roadways and heavy traffic volume also make it a uniquely dangerous place for motorcyclists. As such, someone could go from a fun afternoon on their motorcycle to a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in the blink of an eye. 

If you are a motorcyclist or have been in an accident yourself, here are some things you should know if involved in a motorcycle accident in California.

Motorcycle Bias

California’s motorcycle bias does not solely apply to drivers. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often subject to bias on behalf of insurance companies, who view them as reckless and accident-prone. This means that even if a motorcyclist was exhibiting good behavior and obeying the rules of the road, they could still be blamed for the accident.

Most personal injury lawyers will agree that bias against motorcyclists manifests in three ways: visibility, speed, and youthfulness. In terms of visibility, motorcycles are hard to see. In California, cyclists can split the lane, which frequently puts them in motorists’ blind spots. Additionally, insurance companies often assume that motorcyclists speed through the roadways, which is not always the case. Finally, insurance companies frequently perceive motorcyclists as younger and more reckless.

Insurance Costs

Any California-based personal injury lawyer will tell you that driving your motorcycle through California will require more comprehensive insurance coverage. If you are injured in an accident, you could wind up paying much more than expected, especially if you only carry minimal insurance coverage.

If You Are in an Accident, Here’s What to Do

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in California, there are a few things you should remember to do. First, make sure that you and others on the scene are safe. Try to remove yourself and your motorcycle from the road to ensure the safety of others.

Once you are in a safe place, call 911. California law states that authorities must be notified in the instance of a major accident, and the DMV must be notified in the instance of a minor accident. 

After you have notified the proper authorities, you will want to exchange information with the other driver. Keep in mind that more comprehensive information will simplify the claims process and make life much easier for your personal injury lawyer.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Speaking of personal injury lawyers, once you have been checked out at the hospital and had a chance to process the situation, you will want to contact and hire a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents.

If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident in California, contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers. Our team will provide a free evaluation of your case and will work tirelessly on your behalf. We have offices located throughout the Southern California region, so you should have no trouble finding us.

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