Among young adults living in developed countries, traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of death and disability. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, approximately 1.5 million cases of traumatic brain injury occur each year in the United States alone. Of these victims, an estimated 80,000 to 90,000 will suffer from lifelong disability as a result. Another 50,000 will pass away as a result of their injury. In an effort to garner more attention to this important issue, August is recognized as Neurosurgery Awareness Month.

6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Brain Injury During Sports Season

A brain injury can occur even after a seemingly minor accident, and even mild injuries can result in brain damage. This August, young adults across the country will head back to school to gear up for the fall sports season. As a result, their risk of suffering a brain injury greatly increases. To reduce the risk of a concussion or other type of brain injury, young adults are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Always wear protective gear during sports and other recreational activities.
  2. Ensure that homes, stadiums, and playing fields are well-lit and floors are free of debris that could cause a trip and fall.
  3. Inspect playing fields for uneven areas or holes.
  4. Ensure that end posts have sufficient padding.
  5. Practice good sportsmanship and avoid unnecessary aggression.
  6. Learn and use proper techniques for your sport.

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