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Accidents occur, so it's crucial to know what to do in the event of a pedestrian collision. Below are the most critical steps to take after an accident. 

Safety First

After any incident, you must make sure that everyone involved is safe before doing anything else. Be extremely cautious and refrain from moving anyone, including yourself. 

If an injured pedestrian is immobile, you cannot know for sure whether they have spinal damage. Try to make yourself visible to vehicles and request assistance from onlookers if you are unable to move due to an injury. 

Call Emergency Responders 

When an accident causes injuries or property damage, you should always call 911 and ask for the police and an ambulance. The responding officer will draft an accident report. Insurance providers may require this report, and it will also be significant in any legal proceedings.

Make sure to provide the police with as much information as you can. Lastly, get the investigating officer's badge and incident reference numbers before the police leave. As you follow up with your claim, both of these pieces of data will be crucial.

EMS support is also necessary if any person is injured. Keep in mind that everyone engaged in the collision will feel an adrenaline rush just after it happens, masking any discomfort. When the effects of the first adrenaline surge wear off, the individual saying they are "fine" may be in excruciating pain.

Exchange Details

Take note of everyone's contact information whenever possible. Although the police report should contain this information, it never hurts to be extra cautious in such cases.

Find Any Witnesses 

If your case goes to court, witness testimony can be helpful. If you were injured in a hit-and-run event that was the fault of the fleeing driver, witness statements might be critical evidence for your personal injury lawyer. Make sure you get all witnesses' contact information.

Take Photos  

In an injury case, there can never be enough documentation. Therefore, photograph the accident site, including any traffic lights and pauses, preferably with the date and time noted. Also, document any injuries that occurred, as well as any property damage (even to your bike). 

If you have a helmet or handlebar camera, such as a GoPro, preserve the film and show it to the authorities. Your insurance provider should also receive a copy of the film. 

Treat Your Injuries 

If you are hurt, go to the doctor to have your injuries assessed and examined. When injuries are ignored or undertreated, they risk getting worse. Keep any receipts, reports, and other relevant medical paperwork.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer 

The injuries you may sustain if you are struck by an automobile might fundamentally alter your life. Potential injuries might result in high medical costs and time away from your loved ones, career, or education.

At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers have a wealth of knowledge about accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Our pedestrian and bicycle accident lawyers can evaluate the case's facts to decide how to effectively pursue financial compensation for your losses. Reach out to our team today.

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