After your accident with a big-rig truck in Southern California, you are worried about the possibility of a brain injury, but are reluctant to go to a doctor because you’re concerned about what will have to be done to diagnose it. You know you need to do something because you’ve been having severe headaches, you’re dizzy at times, and you’re forgetting things.

A New Test Could Determine Your Injury in Just a Few Minutes

Presently doctors use neurological tests, CT scans, and MRIs to determine if a person has suffered a traumatic brain injury. These tests are expensive, a little scary, and not always accurate. Scans can only detect structural brain damage and often miss other kinds of brain injury. But researchers at NYU Lagone Medical Center have developed an exciting, easier procedure to test for these injuries. Their test can determine the location and the impact of the injury by tracking a patient’s eye movements for less than four minutes. No expensive equipment is needed and the test could be performed in a doctor’s office or even at a crash site by an EMT.

The researchers found that people without brain injuries had equal vertical to horizontal eye movements while watching music videos. But those with brain injury had abnormal vertical to horizontal eye movements corresponding to the location of their brain damage. The researchers believe their procedure will accelerate the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries and help in developing new treatments. It could also be used to easily assess a patient’s recovery. Even better, the procedure is uncomplicated and inexpensive.

While widespread use of this test is still a couple of years away, it will be helpful for assessing brain injuries when someone slips and falls or is injured in a vehicle accident. It would be a quick, non-invasive test to determine if the injuries are life-threatening. And it could be extremely useful in testing children who might find the neurological tests, CT scans, and MRIs scary.

If you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury, we know you’re going through life-altering changes. Share your experiences with our other readers by posting a comment to this article.

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