After a moderate or severe brain injury, most patients our Riverside legal team have worked with have required at least some assistance from rehabilitation professionals and care teams devoted to recovery management. Because brain injuries are so complex, the assistance provided by these talented rehab teams plays in important role in victims’ recovery—but many brain injury victims don’t realize how long rehab may be needed, how necessary it is, or how much it may cost over the long term.

When Is Rehabilitation Needed for a Brain Injury?

Rehabilitation teams may be active at many stages of a patient’s care, from the first days in the ICU until long after a patient has been released to his or her home. Rehabilitation professionals may assist when the patient:

  • Needs care in a semi-conscious or comatose state
  • Remains under acute care
  • Is transitioning out of ICU
  • Remains on ventilator or life-support equipment
  • Has serious injuries in addition to the brain injury
  • Needs care to manage medications, nutrition, and other basic needs
  • Requires physical rehabilitation
  • Transitions from full-time hospital care to home or day programs
  • Needs help coping with the loss of mobility and function
  • Begins to learn skills to transition into self-care activities, work activities, and coping with limitations
  • Will need ongoing management of medical, emotional, and behavioral concerns

How Can I Make Sure Rehabilitation Costs for My Brain Injury Are Covered?

Victims of brain injuries caused by someone else’s negligence are often cheated out of the compensation they need for their long-term care and ongoing rehabilitation costs by insurance companies hoping to protect their own bottoms lines. If you feel the insurance adjusters are attempting to minimize your injury or settle before you and your family are sure what your future needs will be, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney for help. Our Riverside legal team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you protect yourself after a serious injury, and we are only a call or a click away if you have questions about the long-term costs of a brain injury.


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