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There are many great things for which California is known and loved: its natural wonders, like its majestic redwoods, its excellent beaches, green valleys, and towering mountains. Even the attitude and culture of the state are well-regarded for being diverse and driven yet easygoing and optimistic. 

With this combination of natural wonders and free-spiritedness, it should be no surprise that motorcycling is popular in the Golden State. But even lifelong California residents may underestimate the number of motorcycles and bikers on the road and the unfortunately high number of crashes involving them.

Number of Motorcycles in California

California has an estimated 785,000 registered motorcycles, one of the highest totals of any state in the nation. There are several reasons why California holds this distinction. Not only is California’s general population the highest in the nation, but the state’s often-pleasant weather and famous motorcycle-friendly routes are more than inviting to bikers around the country.

Annual Statistics of California Motorcycle Wrecks

There is no way to know how many motorcycle accidents occur each year in California, given that only some crashes are reported to law enforcement. Still, California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported nearly 14,000 motorcycle accidents resulting in injury in 2017 alone. 

Further estimates from CHP indicate that 88 percent of all motorcycle wrecks result in an injury. If such a number is accurate, it means approximately 16,000 motorcycle crashes happen in California each year.

Percentage of Crashes that Result in Fatalities

California records about 500 motorcycle fatalities during any given year. A small percentage of these, about six percent, are due to the motorcyclist not wearing a helmet, which means that the injuries sustained by motorcyclists in the other 94 percent of crashes are so great that any safety gear worn by the biker is simply unable to prevent their fatal injuries.

Motorcycle Safety in California Is Improving

If there is a silver lining to any of California’s motorcycle safety statistics, the state’s numbers are improving yearly. In fact, in 2019, only 28 motorcyclist fatalities were reported due to a lack of a helmet, compared to 34 in the previous year. In general, motorcycle fatalities in the state are decreasing by 9.4 percent each year.

How a California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Despite these encouraging trends, motorcycle crashes still happen, and should you be involved in one, you face an elevated risk of sustaining injuries, some of which may be severe.

Therefore, you should speak to a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in California as soon as possible after your wreck.

Motorcycle accident lawyers with Steinberg Injury Lawyers will fight hard for you, helping you obtain compensation for your injuries. If another careless motorist caused you harm, that person and their insurer should be responsible for paying your medical bills, compensating you for missed work, and providing compensation for your mental and emotional injuries.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a motorcycle wreck in California, contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers for help. Request a free case evaluation, and let us talk about your case and how we can help you succeed.

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