Trying to get in just a little bit more of the summer before it’s all over for the year? Tourists and Santa Monica residents both take advantage of dwindling vacation time or prime weather as summer fades, but those last few weeks of summer can be some of the most dangerous for your head and neck. Here are four reasons why:

  • Lapses in safety. As summer begins, most people take safety seriously for themselves and their family. However, by the end of the summer, many people are guilty of some lapses that create the conditions for a fall or blow to the head.
  • Fitting in a last-minute vacation. In the rush to get in one last road trip or take the kids out for just one more adventure before classes start, it’s easy to forget to pack important safety gear, be in a hurry behind the wheel, or otherwise lose sight of safety.
  • Property owners let dangerous conditions worsen. At the beginning of the season, hotels, amusement parks, national parks, and other property owners are ready for the influx of guests, but wear, tear, and accumulating problems can create dangerous conditions by the end of the season.
  • Defective products show their faults. While the camping, biking, or beach products you rely on may have hold up just fine for your first outing of the summer, dangerous defects in these products may only show themselves after a few uses—or after they’ve already caused a serious accident or head injury.

While an accident is sometimes just an accident, many head injuries are the result of someone else’s negligent action. If you aren’t sure what your rights are after you’ve been hurt, request a free copy of our book, 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case, and then give our experienced Southern California injury team a call to discuss your concerns.


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