A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often serious and can lead to a life of permanent disabilities.  Treatment for TBI ranges depending on the seriousness of the injury and any associated complications.

After a Riverside car accident, fall or other event that causes brain injury, the doctors will focus on acute treatment.  Generally, an injured victim is taken to the hospital immediately following a California accident, where the medical staff will perform life sustaining treatment, if needed. Emergency medical personnel will look for blood clots and will monitor the levels of intracranial pressure.  They will also make sure the patient’s airway is clear and will administer medication to prevent further injuries caused by seizures or other complications.

Once a patient is stabilized, he or she may be transferred to a traumatic brain injury treatment center.  The medical staff at the treatment center will conduct a thorough evaluation of the patient to determine impairments and disabilities, as well as the likelihood of recovery.  A treatment plan will be created.  Many of the patients who are admitted into these facilities are in shock or in a post-traumatic state, but they are able to fully recover.

Sometimes long-term rehabilitation is needed, which may include physical therapy, speech therapy or counseling.  The ongoing treatment can be expensive.  If you or your family member has sustained a traumatic brain injury from an accident in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County or other area in California, you should contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers at 1-800-350-8888.  You may be able to obtain financial compensation for the injuries.

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