Each year, California’s Office of Traffic Safety provides grants to communities throughout the state. These grants focus on traffic safety enforcement and education. For 2019, $82 million worth of grants are being provided to nearly 300 California communities. $5.72 million is specifically marked for bicycle and pedestrian safety.

How Are the Grants Determined?

The grants are given out based on need. Throughout the year, California conducts surveys and studies in communities and metropolitan areas. Based on these results, grant distribution is determined.

If a community finds itself with a larger than average amount of pedestrian deaths, the state may allocate grant money to that community. The state could require the community to add pedestrian barriers or to provide education to both pedestrians and drivers.

The Focus Is on Education

The more people understand about their surroundings, the better. These grants are focused on making sure people are educated about how to conduct themselves when walking or riding a bike.

One theme of the grant education is common sense. Even if you have the right of way as a pedestrian or a bicyclist, you should still look before crossing a busy intersection. A vehicle may be required to yield, but because they won’t always, you should be prepared to stop.

Aside from education, these grants can also help communities who are in need of upgrades. Grant monies may be provided to communities to upgrade crosswalks, make sidewalks and crosswalks handicap accessible, and upgrade traffic and pedestrian signals. Taking these steps can greatly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities associated with pedestrians and bicycle riders.

University of California’s SafeTREC

The University of California received one of the 2019 grants. Their SafeTREC (Safe Transportation Research and Education Center) program works alongside the California Walks program. Together, these programs educate citizens about how to walk and bike around their communities safely.

They focus on following the laws while also accounting for whether they are in a metro area or a rural area. In addition to this education, the program provides citizens a better understanding of the health benefits of walking and riding a bicycle.

Education Won’t Stop All Accidents

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