A man on a motorcycle in the review mirror of a car.Whether driving a car or riding your motorcycle when you are hurt in a crash, filing a compensation claim is similar. The same statute of limitations applies, for example, and you must prove the same elements of negligence. 

However, just as there are significant physical differences between cars and motorcycles, there are differences between claims for each. Knowing these differences and their effects on claims can improve your chances of obtaining adequate compensation when you have been hurt in a crash.

Three Key Differences Between Motorcycle Claims and Car Claims

These are three of the most significant differences between filling a claim after a motorcycle accident and filing one after a car accident:

Motorcyclists Can Face Unfair Scrutiny for Their Actions

The same rules of the road that apply to car drivers also apply to motorcyclists. However, insurance companies, members of law enforcement, and judges might stereotype motorcyclists as risk-takers who tend to commit reckless acts. 

As a result, a motorcycle accident claim will likely face additional scrutiny that a car accident claim would not.

Adjusters and attorneys alike will be looking for evidence suggesting the motorcyclist caused the accident or contributed to its occurrence. They will also consider whether the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet and protective clothing at the time of the crash.

Motorcyclist Injuries Tend to Be More Severe

Another complicating factor in motorcycle injury claims is that the injuries tend to be more severe. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not offer bikers any protection in the event of a crash. Even at lower speeds, motorcyclists can suffer severe injuries in crashes, such as concussions, broken bones, and road rash.

As a result, if you are hurt in a motorcycle wreck, you should obtain a medical evaluation if you are electrician detroit to understand the true extent of your injuries. 

This step is essential because you and your motorcycle accident lawyer will need clear evidence of your injuries when submitting your claim. Without medical records, it may be impossible to obtain appropriate compensation to address all of your losses.

Your Motorcycle Claim May Not Settle as Quickly

After you are injured in a motorcycle wreck and submit a claim, you should prepare yourself for a bit of pushback or a more prolonged insurance investigation before your claim gets paid.

Because of unfair biases against motorcyclists and the larger compensation severely injured bikers need, you may find it more challenging to settle your claim quickly. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer could speed up the process, especially if your attorney can effectively point to objective evidence that supports your claim.

Get Skilled Representation from a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

No matter the vehicle type you were operating at the time of your crash, you may be entitled to compensation if another person caused your accident. Steinberg Injury Lawyers has the resources and experiences necessary to help you get the compensation you need. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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